Raclette du Valais cheese AOP

A source of pleasure and conviviality

Area of origin: production of the milk and the making of the cheese take place exclusively in the Valais, either in a cheese dairy or in a mountain pasture.

Composition: raclette from the Valais is a semi hard cheese from the mountains, made from full cream untreated cow’s milk.

Appearance, taste/flavour: a wheel of cheese approximately 30 cm in diameter and weighing approximately 5kg. The cheese carries the AOP mark inlaid on the side.

A fresh taste (like fresh butter or cream) with a slightly acid tang, which overrules the fruity and vegetal notes, can be found in the Valais Raclette cheese.

A salty slightly milky flavour, with a mildly acid tang, which overrules the fruity and vegetal notes, can be found in the “rebibes” cheese.

Texture: the texture of the raclette cheese is smooth, soft, creamy and firm, hard and slightly crumbly for the “rebibes” cheese.

To enjoy: Ready to use in many different ways: scraped, cut into pieces or thinly sliced

Seasonality: year round

Conditions and length of preservation: 6-8 months, in a cool area and away from the light.

During production of Raclette du Valais AOP cheese, lactose is fully metabolized into lactic acid and other substances by lactic acid bacteria during the first 24 hours. Raclette du Valais AOP is therefore free from lactose at the time of consumption. No cereal-based ingredients or additives are used for production, so that Raclette du Valais AOP cheese is also free from gluten (source: Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux Research Station ALP). (FR/DE) (FR/DE)


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